Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Great Divider

Ex-President Obama has announced he will speak at the University of Chicago. I expect we will hear anti-Trump rhetoric that the MSM will suck up gleefully, pronouncing the second coming. I predict his words will be intended to further divide the nation.

The Democratic Party has become an entity with an agenda of hate, lies and intrigue. Those who they front as " leaders" spout stale ideas that don't gain them any votes. They've lost and don't know what to say or do except continue their ridiculous and derogatory commentary on the Trump machine and those who pit him in the White House.

Obama's upcoming speech in Chicago will be an attempt to light the way but it won' t work because they have the wrong people in the wrong offices. The archaic dinosaursclike Pelosi and Schurmer et al enjoy their power too much and conservative Democrats are not given any other voting alternatives.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

"They don't go easily."

As a young man I followed news events both here and abroad. It must be something in my Irish genetic makeup.

I recall seeing the crowds in Europe and North Africa at protests against their respective governments. You know, the signs they carried and paper mache heads. It was called communist agitation.

With the rise of a "new" majority in the U.S., and the Velvet Revolution the election of Donald John Trump signifies, we're seeing what the formerly captive nations of Europe have been saying, "Communists don't go easily."

As that aforesaid young man never understood was those European protestors, like those who will show up in Washington, DC on the 2017 Inaugeration Day, were all getting a paycheck for being there.

Our beloved IRS and SEC et al have their ways of fattening their own wallets. Perhaps our new revoluntionary government will have ways to lighten the wallets of those individuals and entities who are behind the chaos being created that disturbs our peace.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The closing legacy - Scamming America

During the closing days of his administration, our outgoing President has managed to seize the agenda. Our MSM, who has tried to destroy Donald Trump, continues to aid and abet POTUS' intention. Just what IS his intention?

I saw his actions described as throwing a match over his shoulder as he leaves the scene...and it appears he's successful. These distractions are about putting roadblocks in DJT's path and diverting energy and American eyes away from the success of the Trump revolution.

This Russia thing is bullshit. Like lustful and oversexed teenage boys, they've been trying to get into each other's pants for a long time. In the case of Russia, it goes back before their spies stole the atomic bomb secrets from us. And they didn't quit even then. American traitors are in prison because they enriched themselves by selling technical information.

The Democratic Party certainly didn't help matters when DNC leaders used the word 'password' as their computer password. They must have been watching old movies when Matthew Broderick did the same thing in high school to change is report card grades.

Nonetheless, our MSM is twisting everything into a witch hunt against outPresident-elect. However, I predict the American Heartland will not fall for it, just as we didn't fall for the propaganda foisted upon us with the adoration of Hilary Clinton.

Conversely, Americans look at Russia and others as well. Do you think Russia, for example, has been as dumb about cyber security as the DNC has been? During WWII we were listening to Japanese naval information, something that obviously helped us win the war in the Pacific. And we didn't stop there.

So, in the closing days of the Obama administration, he does things he could've done long before. The Russian seizure of the Crimean peninsula comes to mind, as do the supposed Ukrainian "separatists." I won't go back as far the Katyn Forest murders of thousands of Polish soldiers, priests and "intellectuals" during WWII.

As a result of their history of deceit, murder and expansion, the Russian communists cannot be trusted. President recognized their when he coined "Trust but verify."

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Elininating the Electoral College.

They've been throwing everything up to the ceiling to see what would might stick in vain attempts to explain why they lost.  None of we deplorables are buying it. So, what's next in their bag of tricks.

Well, they seem to have exhausted their ideas so  it appears to me they're going to take four years to tell us we are not a republic but a democracy. And it should be one man one vote., meaning we've got to eliminate the Elector College.

We in the homeland will happily challenge any fights they begin!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Our Errors in Syria

We are the cause of the destruction and grief in Syria.

They have long been in Russia's sphere yet we took sides to oust their leader. Russia was not about to let that happen. So, why are we screwing around there?

Unfortunately, former President Jimmy Carter lost Iran to the mullahs when we abandoned the Pro-western Shah of Iran. Russia moved in and we now have the problems there we didn't have before. Before this, Saudi Arabia was our ally. Even their King commented that we didn't know who our friends were.

The Trump administration must begin to repair the relationships we had before the Leftist Democrats gained power here and ruined them. What's at stake?

One of the major pillars of our economy is oil. And our nation runs on foreign oil; that's a fact. We are going to have to build our own refineries again. In that way our dependence on foreign oil will be greatly diminished. And that means we can disengage from the Syrias, Iraqs and the like. Let the damn Russians deal with them and concentrate on our national security and the security of the allies we still have by rebuilding our own sadly-neglected military preparedness, which includes our National Guard and military know, "Speak softly but carry a big stick."

Where Russia reigns they are trouble. As the troublesome North Korea is China's bastard child, so Iran is Russia's. And their meddling won't stop there. European NATO nations have to step up and pay their fair share to thwart Russia's historic appetite for expansion.

Muslims in America.

Look at the multiple centuries that we have been classified as infidels by Muslims. They have kidnapped, raped and murdered on behalf of their Koran. Seeing all the ongoing atrocities in our times leads me to only one conclusion about them.

I believe, because their belief system is male dominated, they are fearful of losing their control, i.e. power. If their believers cannot be controlled they must resort to terrorism to control them. In doing so they displace their fear onto others.

Muslim women and daughters are unable to express any individuality therefore they are controlled. All these are also controlled by mullahs who profess to be holy men but are evil.

I am not broadbrushing all Muslims. I see who I believe are some Muslims in America who have become very American. Their kids play sports, learn music and they attend these events in support of their children.  These Muslims I don't fear. It's the evil ones I fear.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Ohio Governor is Dead in the Water

Ohio Governor John Kasich has played the wrong cards.  His political career in Ohio is dead.

He mistakenly believed he was enormously popular because he won Ohio in the primary. However, we are a bit different from other states. In the primary, Ohio voters can vote for candidates in the opposite party.  As a result, Democrats cast anti-Trump votes by voting for Kasich.

The illusion was created that Buckeye voters loved the Governor. Acting on this belief , Kasich refused to attend the RNC Convention in Cleveland and has continued to perpetuate his mistakes, namely, failing to admit them.

He'll finish the two years remaining as Governor but heartland voters won't return him to office.

Political Insurgency

Writing in the Plain Dealer today (Sunday, 12/11/2016), Dick Meyer, Chief political correspondent for the Scripps Washington Bureau, opines the country needs a political insurgency to counter Trump.

Uh, where you been Meyer? The nation just underwent a political insurgency. "All sweet cookies in the store been bought." The only insurgency the Left could possibly be thinking is how to convert the heartland to embrace your "values." And therein lies your have none.

My Letter from the Russians

You know the street saying - toss it up to the ceiling to see what sticks.

This week's attempt is accusing Russia of  meddling in our presidential election. I guess they found the letter I received from the Russian Embassy - Vote for Trump or else.

They scared me shitless so I vote for him and avoided "or else," whatever it would've been.
Maybe an evening with Hilary?

Thursday, December 08, 2016

"Mirror, Mirror on the Wall..."

Our lame duck President visited MacDill AFB in Florida this week. Delusion thy name is Barack.

Barack Obama said: "We should take great pride in the progress we have made over the last eight years," declaring, "No foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland."

Hmmm. Apparently the Ft. Hood killing spree; the Boston Marathon bombing; the execution of two NYPD officers;the murder of four military servicemen in Chattanooga, Tennessee; the San Bernardino murders; the Pulse Nightclub massacre and just last week, the Ohio State  jihadist don't count?? And these are just some of those planned and executed attacks on innocents by proponents of radical jihadism...ON American soil.

Can you understand Mr. President why we aren't going to miss you?

 His videod appearances and his comments are made specifically for low information Americans (democrat-controlled major cities) and the controlled press of foreign socialist nations.

These viewers only get news from these sources and come away believing the disinformation as gospel. Those in America assume the entire nation thinks this way...part of the reason why they lost the election and those of us in the Heartland won and took back control.